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Image by Anastasia Anastasia


Following the footsteps of Jesus who always became one with the poor and the marginalized, the sisters reach out with services carrying the signature of God, to the crying, the helpless, the destitute, the poor who have lost their identity, the weakest who cannot defend themselves, the voiceless, the exploited and the wounded and the hopeless people. Besides these, leading a smooth and peaceful spiritual life, we engage in the work of teaching handicrafts, tailoring, looking after the orphans, taking effort for the empowerment of transgenders etc. Irrespective of caste, creed and religion we open our hearts to embrace the poor.

“Go and do likewise” [Lk 10/37] taking into heart the invitation of Jesus our master overcoming the prejudices, personal interests, cultural barriers, sharing our possessions and time with the other we become neighbours to others just like the Good Samaritan.

Image by Elisabeth Jurenka


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