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             CMC Carmel Jyothi Region Kurnool  is located mostly in the two districts of Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool and Cuddapah which are also known as Rayalaseema, ‘land of rocks’ in its literal meaning and Shamshabad in 

Ranga Reddy district of Telengana State. Telugu is the common language. This attribute land of rocks (Rayalaseema) is true to a certain extent on account of the dry  and unfertile waste lands; scarcity of water especially in   the hot summer and consequently the drought followed, is a common phenomenon in this area. Still, the toil of the poor people bearing with the extreme climatic conditions, provision of the government for the uplift of ‘Rayalaseema’ has made the current situation far better. People in the villages are rather poor who work for their daily wages and a vast majority are farmers, whereas in the town areas, people are rather well settled financially. The special structure of the style of people’s life in the remote areas is such that they live together as a group the villages. Apart from the villages in between other parts of the land are mostly solitary areas. Hence the villagers have a strong bond of relationship. The Catholics are considered to be comparatively less than the prominent Hindu religion and their various castes. Many of the Christians are converted Christians.


They do have a Hindu background in their culture and the traditions; except for a few traditional Christians, most of other have a shallow faith. Missionary activities had they already beg-un in certain parts of A.P by the foreign priests by 1958. It was to such remote villages, Sirvel and Pattikonda in the district of Kurnool that the CMC sisters of Kurnool region had its initial steps in 1976. (Sirvel Chronicles. Vol. I, p.3) They somehow learned Telugu, the mother tongue of this state and managed to make their presence significant.

                             This mission was under the direct control of the generalate till 1978 January 1 and was given to Ernakulam province.Later,when Ernakulam province was



bifurcated in 1981,this mission was entrusted to Mary Matha Province,Angamaly(Charithravazhiyil,abook on History of Mary matha province,Angamaly,  p.19)The first venture at Sirvel was a starting point to extend the presence of CMC in other areas of Andhra Pradesh in Kurnool and Kadapa districts. By the end of 2007 there were seven houses and two of them (Sirvel and Pattikkonda) celebrated their silver jubilee in 2001. And it was the desire of the superiors to make Andhra mission into a dependent region. This declaration of Carmel Jyothi Region, Kurnool as a dependent region of Mary Matha Province, Angamaly was officially made by the then Superior General Mother Edward on November 14, 2007.  (Kurnool Chronicle, Vol II, p. 95) It was a time when the sisters cherished with love and gratitude the years passed where it was under the constant and efficient protection and guidance of mother province, Angamaly. The region is ever indebted to the province for what it had been to it and is still in accordance with the counsel and direction of the Provincial Superior and council.

         Carmel Jyothi Region has altogether 10 houses at present, 9 in Andhra Pradesh in three dioceses Kurnool, Kadapa and Shamshabad and 1 in Kerala with 56 permanently opted members, three of them working in Germany and one in Peru and 11 temporarily opted sisters who render their sincere and selfless service to the region, belonging to Angamaly province. Education, direct evangelization, social work, healing ministry, Christian formation of the women and children are being undertaken in a variety of forms today by the CMC sisters. 

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