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Apart from Education, Christian formation, and social work, we the CMC sisters are inspired by our founder father St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara to seek the face of Jesus in the wounded, sick and suffering. The consecrated souls who work in the field of healing ministry are the ones who look after, nurture and safeguard human life from the moment of inception in the mother’s womb till the new life in the tomb.  Remembering the words of our founder father who exhorts that “many people have reached the heights of holiness by lovingly serving the sick”, our sisters are serving the sick and suffering people witnessing to the merciful love of Christ. Jesus is the inclusive healer, he wants to make us whole spirit, soul and body. Following the footsteps of Jesus,

understanding the needs of time ,we give special consideration in our service to the TB patients who are rejected by their own dear ones and those who need palliative care. Our health care centre becomes the shelter, solace and source of merciful love and healing for the poor people. Our sisters help the people to be hopeful even in the midst of sufferings.

Image by Elisabeth Jurenka


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